Why romance?

Part of this is from a blog I wrote a very long time ago, but my feelings on the matter haven’t changed. Our world is full of a lot of dark things. It’s impossible to scroll through your facebook feed or through any news source and not find another Horrible Thing. Far harder to find… [Continue Reading]


Comic Book Heroes

First of all, I have to confess that I’m not a comic book reader so my experiences thus far with these mighty masses of muscled manhood are strictly from films. And I didn’t think I’d enjoy the films, to be honest. But oh how those hunky heroes changed my mind My two front runners….Thor and… [Continue Reading]

thor 2

How Alpha is too Alpha?

I’ve been watching Vikings – a TV show based around.. (no spoilers here)… a band of Vikings. These men are tough! As they raid the English shore, they delight in looting, killing, and taking slaves. The ultimate Alpha males?  But how Alpha is too Alpha? How do you get an audience to watch a show… [Continue Reading]


Holding Out For A Hero

Holding Out For A Hero When you think of a hero, what criteria do you use? Brave? Well that’s a given. Whether I’m wearing my female hat or writer’s hat, a man has to have certain qualities to rank up there with our nation’s military finest. Did you read the book Lone Survivor or see… [Continue Reading]


I like me a resourceful hero

I’ve written plenty about how I like my heroines to have a good dollop of spunk, especially when it comes to their vocabulary. A comment from a snippet from a recent WIP in my Surf series got me thinking a little about my heroes too and I’ve come to realize that just like in real… [Continue Reading]