Keeping Yourself As Fit As Your Heroes

“Shirtless, Blake was magnificent. His muscles were chiseled beneath his glowing tan. He had the physique of a man used to hard work.” That’s a line from my upcoming novel (Her Hot Number, coming soon!).  Fit, toned bodies are the norm for romance novels because they’re sexy. But what about romance writers? Are they as… [Continue Reading]


Diamonds and Donuts and Don Perignon?

You can always find a hero in a doughnut shop. That’s right, cops love their doughnuts. But if you’re a doughnut connoisseur like me, you know every shop has a distinct taste that can’t be matched by competitors. I grew up with Dunkin Donuts, and was horrified when we left the East Coast– there were… [Continue Reading]

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Deployed Just Want To Have Fun

As many people did this weekend, I had family in town and we enjoyed fun, food and free-time. I also spent time reading posts about the sacrifice and bravery of our military men and women and reflecting on the meaning of Memorial Day. Waking up to tragic headlines sent me looking for some levity. I… [Continue Reading]

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My Top 5 Favorite Fictional Billionaires

Everyone loves a billionaire, right? What’s not to love? The mansion? The yacht? The super huge bank account? Um, those sound pretty acceptable to me. Romance books, movies, and television shows often feature the sexy billionaire alpha hero, the fantasy man whose vast resources can make any woman’s dreams come true. My new book, His… [Continue Reading]

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Best friends make good lovers

Best friends make excellent lovers and I can’t seem to resist writing heroes that not only fall in mad and passionate lust with their heroines… They also find out they’re really great friends, too. Take Radcliffe and Sheri in my coming in August release, While You Were Writing. He’s the most appalling man I’ve ever… [Continue Reading]

While You Were Writing