A dash of local flavor

A barn

Hiya!! My name is Virginia Nelson, the rainbow haired goddess, but you can call me Virg. I write books! *throws smutfetti*

If you don’t know me, I believed them when they said, “Write what you know.” I’m just a small town girl…living in a lo-o-oh-nly world! *clears throat* Sorry, moving on…

Most of my characters live in small towns. Little pink houses? Not so much, but still I love the sense of community that comes from living in the middle of Nowheresville, Ohio.


When I wrote Rumpling Riley, my cocreator for the Zero Ohio series, Megan Slayer, knew what I meant by a dash of local flavor. She’s from the same basic area as me–her husband and I even graduated high school in the same class. It’s not easy to be different in a place where everyone knows you…it’s not easier to be the same, either.

I wrote small town again with my Watkin’s Pond series. Abigail, my heroine, is living in the same town she’d been born to. She’s surrounded by the same friends, family, enemies, busy bodies and surroundings she’s always seen and can’t escape any of it–not even her old flame. Braxton, the hero, traveled far and wide, but he missed the roots, the feeling of yesterday touching his todays, so he came back home.

I think that is the real root of my fascination with little pop up villages. There might not be a Starbucks within an hour of driving. There might not be fancy labels on the clothes or folks who are glittering with fame…

But the saying goes that everyone dies a star in a small town. Perhaps it’s easier to glitter in a darkened sky where the lights aren’t hard to see. Perhaps the fabric of what makes the town small makes it home. If the definition of home is family, there is surely far more family in a small town than a city.

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  1. Hi Virg! So true… I love to read small town romances because of that “local flavor”. I grew up in different small towns to medium sized places around the southwest. But we mode around enough that I didn’t have the typical grew-up-in-a-small-town life. I didn’t go to high school with anyone I went to elementary school with etc, so I love to read stories about people overcoming their old reputations or how what they might have done in middle school still carries weight with the people around them…. I wouldn’t want to live it, but I like to read it! ;)


  2. Talia Hunter says:

    Gorgeous photos, Virginia! Wow, that sky is so beautiful.


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