Bad Boys, Good Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Hi! Misa and Anna here, tag-teaming the Naked Hero (heh), to ask: Which do you like best in a hero, good good guys or bad good guys?

The best romance novel heroes are hunks, and they always get their girl, and we can’t help but fall in love with every perfect thing about them… But they can’t be too perfect right? They have to be real enough to make us believe while we’re drooling all over every sexy page of them. Misa and I are two of the Entangled Dead Sexy launch authors, and we love the drooling, too. Really we do. Still, we’ve written two very different heroes–both hunkalicious, but in ways that are uniquely their own.

So we were asking each other, and now we’re asking you, how good is too good, and how bad is too bad, when it comes to creating the perfect hero?

Misa and I duke it out below. Meet our latest leading men and read why we think they’re the hunkiest of the hunky. Then cast your vote or tell us what’s your ultimate in a dead sexy man: a good good boy or a bad good boy. Or is there something in between you like better?

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy of either Her Forgotten Betrayal or Sacrifice of Passion!

♥     ♥     

 Cole from Anna’s Her Forgotten Betrayal

What’s a good boy, without a little bad to make things interesting?

Okay, in Cole Marinos’ case, a LOT of bad.

Not the kind of bad that will make you hate him. The kind that will make you want to jump him, reform him (just a little) and take him home to be not-so-good in all those ways we dream our rough and tumble guys will be ;o)

When I write a  good boy, I always paint in a flash or two of bad, just to keep things interesting: a back story he’s overcome (but not completely); some scars to show he’s lived and loved and lost and learned–so he’s ready to help the heroine as she fights to do the same; a shadow over his soul, if you will, that reflects that he’s more than just a pretty face, and sucks you in because you’re dying to know more.

HFB’s Cole Marinos is scarred, inside and out, and his past is coming back to haunt him, and no matter how hard he tries he can’t stop loving the woman he thinks betrayed him when they were teenagers. Shaw Cassidy is trouble—hell, his bosses think she’s guilty of espionage. But Cole puts his life and his job as a deep cover FBI operative on the line to both protect her and prove her innocence. YUMMY!, right?

Yes, he’s hunky and a kick-ass agent and vulnerable and attentive and caring, while he’s more than willing to take on whomever’s trying to kill Shaw. But he’s also hurting. He’s a wounded warrior. And he must risk the solitary  life he’s created to protect himself, if he wants to save Shaw and win her back.

Whatever will he do???

And how long must I wait until he ditches Shaw for me, his one, TRUE love ;o)

Yeah, I’m the one who’s trouble, because I think I like the bad in our hunky, shirtless guys a little more than the good. Because the bad is where they’re vulnerable, where they’re protecting themselves from the women who’ve reached down deep to capture their souls. Our guys don’t know how to lose, but our heroines have already won their hearts, whether our heroes are ready to admit it not.

So we put up with a little acting out from them, right? Actually, if you’re like me, you look forward to it!

The Goddess of Mischief will alway need herself more than a little bad…

♥     ♥     

Vic from Misa’s Sacrifice of Passion 

Good boys.  Bad boys.  It’s the little bit of bad in a good boy that makes a guy irresistible.  I totally agree with Anna on this.  Guys who are too good are saddled with the too nice syndrome, and no man wants to leave a woman with that impression.  Sure, in real life we want the nice guys.  They’re the ones who take care of us, warm up our coffee, help with the dishes, and all that jazz, and in my world that stuff is better than foreplay.

In fiction, we want those good guy qualities, too (because no one wants an asshole, right?), only we want our guys to be shirtless while doing the dishes, and to wrap the towel around us…er, the heroine and pull us her close, teasing us her just enough to have us her begging for more. 

Because goodness is good, but badness is sexy.

Vic Vargas.  


He’s definitely the perfect mixture of good and bad.

♥     ♥     


He cared for Delaney enough to wait for their wedding night (when she was 18 and he was 20)

He planned to ask her parents for their blessing

Once he met her, he was ruined for other women


He loves his son, even if he doesn’t know how to be a father to him

He may be pissed as hell that Laney left him way back when, but he’ll still do anything to protect her

He knows how to help a mare birth her foal, and he’ll drop everything to help


When Laney left, he licked his wounds in the arms of other women

And he numbed his mind with a heavy round of drinking

He barely resisted taking Delaney before their planned elopement.  She was ready and willing, and they got damn close


A verbal tennis match with Delaney opens up all his old wounds and his protective walls come crumbling down, so he goes for the jugular, calling her out for leaving

With no other way to purge her from his mind and soul, he thinks a dea- to have sex- ought to do the trick

A moment in a cabin with some rope and Vic in charge.  Need I say more?

As the Magical Goddess, I love weaving in the good with the bad.  

Anna and I want to hear what you think of our two heroes, and what makes you stand up and take notice of a hero. Leave a comment for your chance to win a free digital copy of Dead Sexy launch releases!

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  1. Jen Smith says:

    I agree I’ve got to have the bad good guy! There’s something about a bad good guy :o )

    I am really looking for to both books! Both guys sound great for different reasons – but Cole sounds like my kind of guy!

    Great post Ladies i really enjoyed it!



  2. Kimberly Quinton says:

    I’ll take both thank you very much :) I’m already in love with Vic…. but I must say Cole has me intrigued… Will have to check him out next. Great Post! I love a bit of bad with my good. Too much either way can be a turn off. It’s the bad that keeps them interesting when you’ve fallen in love with the good.


  3. Skye says:

    I like a little bad in my good, but not so much that he scares me; I have to feel that he’s more protective than needing protection against, if you know what I mean. If he’s good good, then he has to be good in such a way that he’s annoying to the heroine because he’s protecting her whether she wants to be or not (Luke in All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz is my fave). I like a hero who goes his own way.

    Both of these heroes you’ve described for us sound interesting, intriguing, and potentially quite fun.


  4. Vic and Cole both sound like keepers :-) When I write I think my hero always leans slightly more toward the good-good guy, sprinkled with dark moments. As a reader I think some of it depends on the heroine and if she’s portrayed as strong enough to keep him in line. Balance is really important.


  5. Misa says:

    Thanks for all the comments! Love our good “bad” boys!


  6. Ooooh, good question! I admit I’m a sucker for the bad boy… as long as he’s not too bad, of course. And the nice guy can be a little dull and boring, not to mention less exciting to write about. That said, I’m writing one right now, and I hope to God he isn’t dull.

    IRL, I’d much rather have the good good guy. In fiction, I’ll take the bad boy, please, since I don’t have to worry about any of the consequences of his badness actually befalling me. And again, as long as he isn’t too bad. There is a line he can’t cross.

    I seriously have to pick up both of these books. Once I get to THE END on the WIP.


  7. Pat Cochran says:

    Like most readers, I am drawn to the good bad boy although I should have learned
    my lesson! I was once dumped, in my teens, by a good bad boy, I guess I wasn’t bad
    enough for him!

    Pat C.


  8. Kym Roberts says:

    Great post! I always like a little dark side, or a good man hiding behind the dark side. Because lets face it, in real life you wouldn’t give a guy like that the time of day–you want the nice guy through and through.

    I love Vic! I will check out Cole!


  9. bn100 says:

    Those sound like great heroes. I like an alpha hero.


  10. Amy Andrews says:

    I love a bad boy. As long as he can be reformed :-)


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