Manx: Game Changer or Game Stopper?

I’m not a fan of the double-standard.  Men and women are equal in my book.  With one exception—fashion.  A woman should never wear a wife-beater and a man should never wear skinny jeans.  A woman can pull off kicking back in a pair of man boxers, but a man in Spanx?  Oh, hell no.

Be it a knock-off or the real thing, personally I’m a huge fan of miracle underwear.  I wear them to the gym, on the court, to dinner with friends, out on date night—if you see me, you now know exactly what’s between me and my Calvin Kleins.  Some consider this masochism.  I call it an act of kindness.  I’m sparing us all the indignity of muffin tops and back fat.  Men, however, are different.  They just are.  And if I’m about to get my hero naked, he’d better not be wearing Manx.

What do you think?  Are Manx a game changer or a game stopper?

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About Tracy Ward
Living in the North Texas 'burbs, Tracy is a chauffeur, a maid, a short-order cook, a coach, a psychic/intuitive who always finds what her husband loses, a yoga nut, a mango margarita connoisseur, and a really bad dancer. She currently writes for Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence imprint.


  1. I only wear Spanx when i have to dress up but just the thought of a man in Manx is ugh. To quote Zoolander– I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.


    Tracy Ward Reply:

    At least girl Spanx are somewhat attractive, or at least some of them are. There is just something emasculating about a guy in them, even the t-shirts. Yak!


  2. Ria Boulay says:

    Frankly given how fast men will disrobe I’m surprised they would even consider wearing something that it takes an act of God to remove. I’ve had near panic attacks when I thought I was stuck in one of those things (and that was just a slip!)

    Put Jim Carrey in Manx and set him up for a date with the hottest female alive with a guarantee of hot sex IF he can get naked in less than 10 seconds. That is the ONLY time I want to see a guy in Manx.

    Cuz…you would be hysterical to watch :)



    Tracy Ward Reply:

    I totally agree, Ria. It would be quite comical!


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