The Evil Queen

Welcome back to The Naked Hero!! It’s been a wild week, of e-mails, phone calls as the goddesses work to rebuild the image of the site and to make it better than ever. We’ve done some spring cleaning, and gave ourselves a facelift. What do you think?

Hope everyone takes a look at the new secondary character definitions and some new main characters and really bad girls.  My personal favorite is the Evil Queen.

You can take a character like this make her incredibly evil, fun, (I know, but they add a lot to the life of the heroine), and she gives us a run for our money. She can be beautiful, sexy, and sensual. More fun for our heroines. Even in clothing, she can be decked out in the hottest high fashion, perfect make-up and hair, or constantly in dark colors, to stand out against the beauty of the heroine.

Whatever the evil queen does, it occupies the page, and contrast against the one person she just loves to hate, the heroine.

We often think of someone like Maleficent of the Disney queens as ultimate evil. What drives her? Greed, jealousy, after all she wasn’t the fairest in the land, and it drove her nuts.

Of course, in our modern fairy tales, the heroine has a little bit more pluck than Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.  She’s kick ass, which urks the evil queen to no end.

As a writer we create a evil queen who can stand-up to our heroines, but in the end has to bow down to her, and give in. Today’s heroines don’t wait for the prince to arrive. They pick up their own sword and go to town.

That’s what I love about modern writing we can do so much with good and evil, than have our heroines go out for a girls night out.

Herculean Task: We’re looking for some great evil queens to add to a growing list. Who is your favorite literary evil queens?

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About Lee
Lee Lopez writes romantic suspense, as well as medieval paranormal, with both traditional and non-traditional vampires, werewolves, and witches. She is the co-founder of The Naked Hero.


  1. Tonya Kappes says:

    Love the new look. It reminds me of the beach. AND that’s always good! Lee, you are soooo good at making those evil characters move lovable than they really are. I love your descriptions and vivid detail!


  2. D. D. Scott says:

    Morning, All! The Naked Hero site now makes me feel as if I’m propped up under an Amalfi Coast Lemon Tree waiting on that first sip of homemade limoncello.

    And you KNOW while I’m waiting…I’m reading fabulous books!

    I also luuuvvv that, here at The Naked Hero, we’re now focusing on readers the world over! Nothin’ beats hearin’ what readers have to say and enjoying great books and great characters right alongside ‘em!

    Let’s see, Lee…as far as my fave book-bound Evil Queen as of late…hands down it’s the horrid, horrid Queen of Hearts-style judge in fantabulous Indie Epub Author Barbara Silkstone’s THE SECRET DIARY OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND AGE 42 AND THREE-QUARTERS. A complete LMAO read…but you do really want to squeeze the Evil Queen Judge’s little lemon-head!

    We just hosted Barbara Silkstone on The WG2E…so c’mon over to catch more scoop on this terrific book !


  3. Margs C says:

    The Naked hero has that wonderull new blog smell — like the Lexus of blogs.
    Evil characters have even more impact when you make them lovable.
    Great new graphics.


  4. Lee says:

    Tonya, I love the description of the beach. It really does look like a sand, warming and welcoming.


  5. Lee says:

    You make me smile early in the morning here in Cali!! I think I’ll have to get that read and add this evil queen to our list.


  6. Lee says:

    Hi Marg, and welcome to the new us!! It is a great fresh smell.
    I think the evil queen or a baddy in a story should have that lovable, and sympathetic side to them. It makes them depth and layers. And in the end unforgettable. I love writing the baddies. I worked around some really intense bad guys for 20yrs, and after awhile they actually start to look half human. They have some of the weirdest quirks that translates well on the pages.


  7. Jill James says:

    Chelsea Cain has a deliciously evil woman in her Heartsick series. Gretchen Lowell is a female serial killer. She is truly, as the saying goes, the hero of her own story. She does not apologize for being a killer, she enjoys the killing, and toying with her victims.


  8. Lee says:

    Jill, those are great examples, and I love a criminal that doesn’t make excuses!! I am what I am!! Thanks…


  9. Guess my favorite (or should I say least favorite?) evil characer (though she wasn’t a queen), was the mean old witch in Hansel and Gretal. I remember as a kid finding it incomprehensible that someone would roast and eat a little boy. Yet, I thought the way she died (burned alive) equally incomprehensible. It would be interesting to do some research on this story to see what exactly the witch represented, besides just plain evil.


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