Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author Before I Sold.

Happy Hump Day! I’ve been in the writing/editing/promotion cave for the last few months so I have writing-life issues on my mind! I’ve had to break a few bad habits lately and it’s been a struggle, but one I think most everyone can relate to in some way. Do you have a top ten list of things you wish you had known before you took that management job, or before you got married or before you had a baby? This is my top ten list of things I wish I had actually known-known… Not just heard about or thought about, but had acted on before selling my first story.

The pic is my personal and FREE Top Ten graphic! And what I look like in my editing cave…


Top Ten Things I Wish I knew About Being an Author Before I Sold.

10. Invest in coffee (or Tea, or flavored waters). For at least five Christmases and birthdays before submitting, request your favorite coffee house gift cards.  Starbucks for me, thank you. This will come in handy when you see #7

9. Have several sizes of black yoga pants available to you at all times.  The key is stretchy waist. You will be sitting for many hours a day—no need to be bunched.  What about the actual yoga you ask? Oh, yeah… I’m still working on finding time for that.

8. Record a few short videos of your children, husband and pets so you have something to remember them by when you enter your editing cave.

7. Carve out an editing cave. You’ve spent months (or longer) polishing a manuscript, but you will have several more rounds of edits before that baby is ready to be shown to the public.  And you will want a quiet place to work. See #10—Starbucks actually keeps me focused.

6. Write a note to yourself right now about why you’re doing this so when you want to huddle in the corner of a dark room and have a good cry about yet another round of edits, you can talk yourself out of it.

5. Write at least ten blogs about yourself, ten about the story you’re writing and ten random topics so you can be ready for the social media and promo blitz that you are expected to take part in. It’s a lot of fun, but harder than it looks!

4. Start an exercise routine that includes lots of stretching or ask for anniversary and birthday gifts to be to the spa for massages. Anything to get out of exercise works for me.

3. Clean up you computer. You know what I mean. If you’re like me, a shove everything into a drawer so I know where it is kind of organizer, then your computer files might not be the most um…organized. *ahem* Don’t tell my husband I’m confessing this. Clean out some of the junk and put everything pertaining to that manuscript in one folder AND Back. It. Up.

2. Start using a calendar for scheduling instead of random pieces of paper, and use a timer to keep you from getting sucked into the Facebook-Twitter-Pintrest triangle of doom and know it’s okay to say when and take the night off.

1. Give yourself permission to enjoy selling your first story! Heck, even plan what kind of celebration you are going to have. Don’t let the pressure to write more take away the joy of such an accomplishment!

This might not be new advice, but just like being told to take lots of naps when you have a newborn baby, it’s what I wish I had actually done prior to selling.

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About Kimberly Quinton
Whether she’s writing paranormal romance or straight contemporaries, Kimberly Quinton is a romantic at heart who strives to tell stories about the discovery of true love. Since childhood she’s loved romances and believes we can all live our happily-ever-after. Always a people watcher, it wasn’t until Kimberly shucked her Accounting major for Anthropology that her interest in people and cultures was nurtured. Kimberly has combined her studies and natural curiosity with her love of romance for the sake of bringing multi-dimensional and interesting stories to life. A wife and mother of two, Kimberly spends her days chasing chores, wrangling active kids, and writing. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, great wine and sharing a laugh with friends and family. Kim is a member of Romance Writers of America and North Texas Romance Writers of America.


  1. Kym Roberts says:

    How true! I never own a pair of yoga pants before I began writing. I had sweats and leggings but, I didn’t do Yoga. Now that I write full time–I live in Yoga pants! (still don’t do yoga)

    I also never dreamed I would absolutely hate editing as much as I do, nor did I think it was that time consuming. Ugh. It takes longer to edit than it does to write the damn book!


    Kimberly Quinton Reply:

    Hi Kym!

    Yes, editing…. Just when I think I can’t change another sentence, someone else looks at the MS and finds a typo or asks a seemingly innocent question starting with Why…

    I didn’t wear yoga pants back when I actually did yoga… Now, they are so comfortable and don’t look as bad on me as regular sweats… Not that that matters because if I’m seen in them during the day, I probably haven’t showered or brushed my hair. Not pretteh!


  2. Talia Hunter says:

    I should totally use a timer to stop me getting sucked into the Facebook-Twitter-Pinterest circle of doom! Ha, ha! Great advice Kimberley, thanks :)


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